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Eagle Ridge manages three core Equity strategies: Global Quality, Relative Opportunity, and International Quality. Each follows the same bottoms up, fundamental investment process.

How We Work With Clients:

  • We explain the investment process and current investment rationale
  • We articulate the drivers of investment performance
  • We can advise on complementary strategies to increase diversification of a broader portfolio
  • We can provide other investment resources on request

Eagle Ridge’s Investment Strategies are available through the following vehicles:

Separately Managed Accounts

Please call us directly at: 203-227-4515 to inquire about opening a separately managed account.

Broker Platforms

  • Charles Schwab: Schwab Marketplace
  • Fidelity Investments: Fidelity Separate Account Network

Turnkey Asset Management Platforms

  • Envestnet
  • SMArtX Advisory Solutions
  • Adhesion Wealth
  • Charles Schwab Model Market Center
  • Amplify Technology, LLC

Eagle Ridge is open to establishing new investment management relationships with third-party advisors and/or platforms not listed here. Please contact us.

More information on Eagle Ridge strategies can be found in the following databases:

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