Our Story

We Are Client-Focused & Process-Driven

Eagle Ridge is an independently owned investment advisory firm passionate about serving clients through investments and comprehensive advice. We act as a trusted advisor to our clients in all aspects of their financial lives. Our objectives are aligned with our clients’ – to protect and grow their wealth.

We commit to the improvement of our clients’ financial lives and work diligently to form deep, long-lasting relationships. We strive to understand each client’s complete financial picture including their short and long-term wealth goals. We thoughtfully manage each client’s portfolio to their personal situation rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach.

Eagle Ridge professionals possess a wealth of experience from a variety of backgrounds including portfolio management, security analysis, financial planning and wealth management. All investment research is done in-house with no reliance on Wall Street reports. Using our proven investment process, our focus is on building wealth over the long-term, not trading or speculating for short-term gain.

Our History

Eagle Ridge was founded in 2008 by David Tillson and John Knox. Their vision was to create a client-focused firm that based its investments on independent research and process-driven management.

David Laidlaw founded Laidlaw Group, LLC in 1998. Similar to Eagle Ridge, Laidlaw Group was started as a client-focused investment firm using independent research. In 2015, David Laidlaw, David Tillson, and John Knox merged their firms.

Since 2015, Eagle Ridge has expanded its research, client service, and financial planning capabilities. Click on the timeline below to learn more.


David Laidlaw co-founded Laidlaw Group in 1998.


Ben Connard joined Laidlaw Group in 2004 to improve the research and analytical capacity.


David Tillson and John Knox founded Eagle Ridge in 2008.


As two like-minded firms, focused on the research process and client service, Eagle Ridge and Laidlaw Group merged in 2015.


Ron Sages joined Eagle Ridge in 2017 to add to the investment team and direct Financial Planning.


Ben Connard became a Partner at Eagle Ridge in 2018.
Alie Hamilton joined Eagle Ridge in 2018 to help with client relations and expand Financial Planning services.


Mike Oliver joined Eagle Ridge in 2019 to add to the investment team and improve client service.


Mike Oliver became a Partner at Eagle Ridge in 2020.
Lynn Najman joined Eagle Ridge in 2020 as a Personal Financial Strategist to add to the Investment and Financial Planning teams.


Alex Velazquez joined Eagle Ridge in 2021 to further expand Financial Planning services.

Firm Statistics as of 12/31/2023

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