Author: Ronald a. SageS, Ph.d. Sonya l. BRitt, Ph.d. Julie a. CumBie, Ph.d.

Abstract – Finances are frequently cited by college administrators as a top cause of college student stress and drop out. Positive financial behaviors can help prevent financial stress and possibly help with college student retention rates. According to past research, financial behaviors can be predicted based on certain demographic characteristics, resource availability, and financial knowledge. One of the gaps in the literature revolves around the impact that anxiety plays in positive and negative financial behaviors. Students who are anxious are sure to be experiencing a high degree of stress. Using primary data collected from students attending a large Midwestern university, results indicate that anxiety has a significant effect on three financial behaviors. Implications suggest that college financial counseling and mental health programs collaborate to provide holistic services to students which may help to retain students due to financial stress and anxiety.